About us

About us

A next-generation consent management platform (CMP) and identifier solution that maximizes ROI for advertisers, boosts revenue for publishers, and represents a genuine privacy improvement for users of the web.

Before today is over, the average person online will battle their way through more cookie consent pop-ups than they'll care to remember. Some will just accept the pop-up, without understanding what accepting cookies actually means for them and their online data.

This problem is too big for any one profession to solve alone. The different disciplines of law, economics, and engineering have come together to create Preference.Express, a game-changing solution.

People get hassle-free access to online content and businesses of all sizes thrive. Everybody wins.

  • No repetition. Individuals are only asked their preferences once.
  • Simple language. Removing technical (e.g. cookies) and legal (e.g. legitimate interest) jargon allows individuals to actually understand what they're consenting to.
  • Unity. Using the SWAN open source Model Terms and Data Schema allows interoperability between Preference.Express and other technical solutions.
  • Trust. The Model Terms have corrections built into them to deter bad actors, such as the verifiable audit trail that identifies suspicious activity and enables regulators to take action.
  • Safety. Individuals can browse the web safely, knowing that protecting their legal rights is simple.

Open source

Freemium open source

The founders of Preference.Express created Secure Web Addressability Network (SWAN) as open source to provide the underlying utility layer needed to share preference and low risk identifiers across multiple data controllers.

SWAN provides a future proof abstraction layer so that preference and identity solutions never need to worry about individual browser policies in the future.

Preference.Express is a commercial implementation of SWAN that can be used by publishers and advertisers to upgrade their services to provide a better user experience and comply with privacy laws like GDPR. Our developers maintain the free SWAN project and make it available to anyone who wishes to use it, including other Consent Management Platforms such as OneTrust, Quantcast, SourcePoint, or Usercentrics, who are similarly free to maintain SWAN.

The approach ensures a robust future proof services is available to publishers and advertisers without the threat of platform lock-in or high costs.

Our history

Q1 2020

The Preference.Express team are involved in the formation of the SWAN (Secure Web Addressability) community

Q2 2020

SWAN website and Model Terms go live


Promotion of SWAN across the industry

Q2 2022

Creation of Preference.Express based upon open source SWAN technology

Q4 2022

SWAN receives recognition as a shortlist for the Picasso Privacy Awards

Q1 2023

Launch of Preference.Express