Try it out

Try it out

You've learnt about Preference.Express, now it's time to try it out yourself.

Like what you see?

Visit Bloombread. Notice the simple CMP that you've been presented with? Go on, fill out your marketing preferences. That was quick to do, wasn't it?

Let's visit Crumbtree which is another website using Preference.Express. See how the SWAN logo appeared at the bottom left corner and then disappeared? No repetitive consent prompt. Now tap the SWAN logo to bring up the settings. You can see your Random ID for the browser and the option to reset everything and start again.

Finally visit TechMunch. You can tap the OneKey logo under the advert to see all the B2B vendors that have served this advert.

For developers

Take the demo for a spin by using the following code in a HTTPS web page.

  <script src="//"