Designed with publishers in mind, Preference.Express solves many of the problems affecting publishers across the industry. The solution is simple and practical.

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More control = more revenue

As a publisher, giving people online access to informative content that enriches their lives is an immensely valuable service to society. You invest significantly to build and engage these audiences and so deserve your fair share of the financial rewards.

But in today's digital world, you might not be getting your fair share – platforms have become gatekeepers, some of whom are profiting by making business choices that should belong to you and your readers, adding complexity, and potentially devaluing your business.

It's a market failure – and it now has a fix. Preference.Express gives you control over which suppliers you work with and how you trade with advertisers. We'll help you get the deal that works for you.

What do I do next?

What do I do next?

See Preference.Express in action with our demo. If you like what you see, get in touch to find out more.

Benefits to publishers:

At a time when diverging browser technologies are making it more complicated for advertisers and publishers to work across browsers, being built upon open source SWAN technology allows Preference.Express to have an interoperable data schema. You no longer need to worry about whether to invest in unproven technologies or ideas that splinter your technology stack and add complexity.

Publisher fraud is a pervasive and tricky problem that erodes your revenues and trust in your brand. As Preference.Express is based on the SWAN Model Terms, data transactions can only take place with a time stamp and cryptographic signature from all participants. It's much easier for everyone to tell legitimate actors from bad ones.

Once readers have set their preferences, the next time they access a Preference.Express website, they will get access to the content without unwanted cookie pop-up windows. With these valuable seconds, you can serve your readers high-value advertising sooner, resulting in a higher average revenue per user (ARPU). Preference.Express can help you earn more money from fewer ads.

Users are asked to choose the type of advertising they prefer which provides certainty about what their data is used for. Your readers will be empowered to decide how they engage with your content.

Preference.Express is designed to be low-risk and low cost, with minimal implementation hurdles. Test it out with just a few of your own websites at first. Then, as you experience the benefits, you can easily add Preference.Express to your other sites.

Visit Bloombread. Notice the simple CMP that you've been presented with? Go on, fill out your marketing preferences. That was quick to do, wasn't it?

Let's visit Crumbtree which is another website using Preference.Express. See how the SWAN logo appeared at the bottom left corner and then disappeared? No repetitive consent prompt. Now tap the SWAN logo to bring up the settings. You can see your Random ID for the browser and the option to reset everything and start again.

Finally visit TechMunch. You can tap the OneKey logo under the advert to see all the B2B vendors that have served this advert.