Preference.Express is a next-generation Consent Management Platform. It maximizes ROI for Advertisers, boosts revenue for Publishers, and represents a genuine privacy improvement for users of the web.

Out with the old, in with the new

Preference.Express is fast with unintrusive preferences. It uses standard contractual clauses that everyone can understand.

Visit Bloombread. Notice the simple CMP that you've been presented with? Go on, fill out your marketing preferences. That was quick to do, wasn't it?

Let's visit Crumbtree which is another website using Preference.Express. See how the SWAN logo appeared at the bottom left corner and then disappeared? No repetitive consent prompt. Now tap the SWAN logo to bring up the settings. You can see your Random ID for the browser and the option reset everything and start again.

Finally visit TechMunch. We can tap the OneKey logo under the advert to see all the B2B vendors that have served this advert.

  • Personalized advertising preferences
  • No repeat pop-ups across Preference.Express network
  • Simple and easy consent process
  • Users control their preferences and their right to be forgotten
  • Maximize your Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Optimize cross-publisher effectiveness
  • Ensure publishers deliver to the right market segment
  • Maximize revenue
  • No consent fatigue for your audience
  • Optimize advertising yield across Preference.Express network
  • Standard contractual terms
  • Complete audit tracking
  • Encrypted to avoid interference by browser or any intermediary
  • GDPR compliant and not built on TCF

For developers

Take the demo for a spin by using the following code in a HTTPS web page.

  <script src="//" 


Find out more

To get started with Preference.Express, contact us below and we'll arrange a meeting. You can also follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for the latest news, or visit our GitHub for updates to the code.

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